About Us: Soil-Free Potting Mixes Manufacturer

We started veryplants because it was clear to us that traditional potting soils and mixes didn't meet the unique needs of indoor plants growing in containers. Unlike outdoor plants, indoor plants don't benefit from the natural forces that refresh the substrate and deliver nutrients, and are much more susceptible to root rot and other fungal diseases.

We knew that indoor plants deserved better. That motivation led to the development of Molly's Potting Mixes, our first line of potting mixes developed specifically for plants growing in containers.

Along the way, we...
  • imported, grew, propagated, and sold thousands of tropical plants and succulents in our online plant shop
  • tried out dozens of big-box and online soils and potting mixes
  • talked to scientists, industry experts, and the horticultural community
  • tested countless ingredients and hundreds of recipes
...and were humbled by the generosity and passion of the global plant community every step of the way.

Today our products are sold online and at select wholesalers and retailers, and we are more committed than ever to making plants (and plant owners) as happy as they can be.

We can always be reached at info@veryplants.com and we appreciate and value your questions, comments, and feedback.

- Jordan, Thomas, Molly.