Molly’s Succulent Mix New Formula Release


Are you ready to take your plants health to the next level? Look no further than our latest product release - Molly's Succulent Mix! This exciting newly formulated blend of minerals and nutrients is packed with everything your plants need to thrive. Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or just starting out, this mix will help you grow healthy succulents, Cacti and Bonsai, and also reduces the likelihood of either over or underwatering. Let's dive into all the amazing features of Molly's Succulent Mix and get you growing today!

Molly's Succulent Mix (newly formulated) is a new product carefully designed and manufactured by veryplants. This mix is specially formulated to provide the perfect environment and nutrients for succulents to thrive.

This potting mix is made up of a combination of organic materials, including Akadama, Hyuga, Pinus radiata bark, lava rock, pumice stone, assorted nutrients, Mycorrhizae and Bacillus Pumilus. These ingredients work together to create a well-aerated, moisture-retentive growing medium that is ideal for succulents .

Mycorrhizae and Bacillus Pumilus colonize the roots of the plants and extend their fine thread-like structures, called hyphae, into the soil beyond the reach of the plant roots, thereby increasing the surface area available to absorb nutrients and water.

In return, the fungi receive carbohydrates and other organic compounds produced by the plant through photosynthesis. Mycorrhizae have been shown to improve nutrient uptake, enhance drought resistance, and protect plants against pathogens.


Packaging, Sizes and Availability

Molly's newly formulated Succulent Mix is available in 2 different sizes - 5 Dry Quarts / 5.5L, and a smaller 3 Dry Quarts and 3.3L version. The packaging for each size is designed to be sturdy and easy to use, with a built-in zip lock to help keep the remaining mix fresh and protected.

We currently sell Molly's Succulent mix on 4 different online marketplaces;
Our website, Amazon, Etsy and

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Benefits of Using Molly's Succulent Mix

This premium succulent mix is made with organic ingredients and provides everything your plants need to thrive. Here are just a few of the benefits of using Molly's Succulent Mix:
- Improved drainage and aeration for healthy roots
- Increased fertility with slow-release nutrients
- Enhanced water retention to reduce watering frequency
- Perfect pH balance for optimal plant growth
- Free of fertilizer, soil-borne pests, and disease
- Soilless
- Aesthetically pleasing (very pretty mix :))

Tips for Growing Healthy Succulents with Molly's Succulent Mix

If you're like most succulent enthusiasts, you're always on the lookout for ways to help your plants thrive. To start, be sure to use a well-draining container when potting your succulents in Molly's mix. This will help prevent root rot and other problems associated with overwatering. Additionally, be sure to water your succulents deeply but less frequently than you would with other types of plants. This will allow the mix to fully absorb moisture without becoming waterlogged.

Remember that succulents and cacti are drought-tolerant plants, so don't be afraid to let them dry out somewhat between waterings. If you find that your plants are wilting or looking otherwise unhealthy, give them a good drink and then back off on the watering until they recover.

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