Molly Mixes Retailers in Quebec

VeryPlants is your best bet when it comes to Molly’s Mixes in Quebec. Our mixes are made with top-quality ingredients and are specifically designed for indoor potted plants. We realized early on that most garden soils and traditional mixes don't work very well with indoor potted plants. This is because indoor plants grow under conditions that differ from those of plants growing outside.

About Quebec

Quebec is a province in Canada and is one of the 13 territories and provinces in that country. The province of Quebec has its official language as French and is the second largest in Canada in terms of population. Quebec has two major cities, namely Montreal and Quebec City. The latter is the administrative capital of the province and is located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. Quebec borders Ontario on the western side and the United States to the South.

What We Offer in Quebec

  • Molly's Aroid Mix

Molly's Aroid Mix is perfect for a wide variety of indoor and potted plants. This is because it is specifically designed to be suitable for plants that grow well in fast-draining soils. It is also ideal for plants that thrive in well-aerated soils and the mix ensures that after watering your plants, no excess moisture is retained in the mix. Molly’s Aroid Mix is great if you are worried about root rot. The mix is designed to minimize the possibility of compaction and helps to reduce the risk of over-watering.

  • Molly's Orchid Mix

Molly's Orchid Mix offers superior soilless potting, specially designed for orchids. With a unique blend of natural ingredients like Pinus radiata bark, lava rock, and organic substrates, it provides optimal conditions for orchid growth. Its porous structure ensures effective water management and prevents over-watering, while its soil-free composition guarantees cleanliness and safety.

  • Molly's Succulent Mix

Molly's Succulent Mix is meticulously crafted to be a premium soilless potting blend, specifically tailored for hoyas, Bonsai, succulents, cacti, and caudex plants. With a balanced pH, gritty texture, and carefully chosen organic and mineral components, it ensures optimal moisture management, promotes root health, and enhances immunity. Additionally, it provides a clean, long-lasting potting solution for your plants.

  • VeryPlants E-Gift Card

VeryPlants E-gift cards are designed to help you connect with loved ones. They come in various denominations, and they are a perfect gift for friends who are just as enthusiastic about gardening as you are.  Our incredible E-gift cards give your loved ones complete access to our wide range of products in our online shop.

Why Choose VeryPlants?

VeryPlants’s Molly Mixes are a result of extensive research aimed at creating the most optimal mixes for a wide variety of plants. At VeryPlants, we are plant enthusiasts, and it is this passion that drives us to ensure that our products give you the best results. Our mixes come ready to use and this makes them easy to use as you don’t have to do any mixing yourself. Our experts are always at hand to answer any questions that you may have, so you know that we always have your back.

If you have inquiries about Molly’s Mixes in Quebec, don’t hesitate to contact us today.